Dogeparty is a layer on the Dogecoin network for new coins that foster creativity and promote social good.

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In the vibrant 8-bit world of PlayDoge, your P2E companion requires the same care and attention as a real pet. Feed, train, and play with your 2D Doge, guide it through engaging mini-games, and earn $PLAY tokens to reward your loyal friend.

Discover the $PLAY token that is at the heart of the PlayDoge ecosystem. By purchasing these $PLAY tokens, you are growing community of crypto enthusiasts who love the Doge (Party) meme and enjoy nostalgic, engaging gameplay. The presale offers a unique opportunity to acquire tokens at the lowest price before they hit the broader market.

Thanks to everyone who took part! The burn period is now over. You burned over 1.8 Billion Doge!
XDP is now trading on Poloniex.

Why Dogeparty?

Bitcoin-based Counterparty is a fantastic system for serious crypto-finance, but for smaller value transactions, when it comes to placing orders, creating assets, and generally taking care of business DOGE brings some great advantages to the party.

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What Can I Do with Dogeparty?

A lot, actually. Making your own token on Dogeparty means you can have your own asset to distribute, while still supporting the Dogecoin network and community. Raise funds in DOGE, and reward your supporters with a custom coin that can be tailored to your needs, without needing your own !

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What is XDP?

What is XDP?
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XDP is fuel for the Dogeparty rocket. Buy the fuel with your DOGE during the burn period. With XDP you can issue your own custom tokens for e-tickets, reward points, game currencies & so on.